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Our Mission

Inventing the future of learning—through story

Edge of Yesterday is a multimedia teen time-travel adventure integrating interactive digital strategies to promote engaged learning.

Vision: Edge of Yesterday seeks to advance the human spirit, enhance metacognition (knowing our minds), foster new abilities to tackle big problems that confront our world and better connect students with their world.

Mission: to foster, demonstrate and encourage new approaches for discovery, problem solving and innovation through a combination of critical thinking and connected learning.

MASTERY Keynotes

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  • Hack Success
  • Parenting in the 21st Century
  • Learning through Story
  • Dream Your Passion into Life
  • Leonardo da Vinci: MASTERY in Motion
  • How Storytelling Unlocks the Scientific Mind

What People are Saying About Edge of Yesterday

  • Payes has an engaging heroine in Charley. She's confident, hardworking, and curious; though she worries about homework, friends, and boys, she also is consumed with finding answers to serious questions like who we are and why we're here. Charley's friends are well-drawn and believable too.

    Kirkus Reviews
  • Charley Morton, a contemporary middle school girl, models the attributes of curiosity, self-confidence, moxie, and vulnerability, all wrapped into one credible science loving eighth grader. She is not to be missed!

    Janice Koch Ph.D., Professor Emerita Science Education, Hofstra University
  • The Edge of Yesterday is an incredible portal in providing youth a unique window into the past to experience multiple disciplines of STEM and STEAM (arts and design integration) through the lens of history.

    Ronnie Gathers Director, Department of Parks and Recreation, Prince George’s County, Maryland
  • Congratulations. Bending time and dedication have been your superpowers. This is the author’s story as much as it is Charley’s!

    Susan Magsamen Author, learning expert and founder, Curiosityville
  • Lovely to see your amazing work continue. Looks like great fun for kids interested in STEM.

    Carl Vinci Author and Founder, Playbook for Teens STEAM Mentoring Program
  • I think the starting Edge of Yesterday adventure sets us up for a good series! :-). The characters are EXTREMELY well drawn and the plot has a very good pace to it.

    Judy Gee Attorney and Author

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