Dear Charley

12 Back-to-School Tips to Get the Right Start

Aug 16, 2019

Dear Charley,
School starts up soon, and I'm worried about all the changes that come with going into high school. I am not exactly looking forward to it. I want to see my old middle school friends, but this school is so much bigger! And harder.

How can I prepare for high school and all the new stuff that goes with it?


Dear Scared,
We’re all scared at the beginning. Even if you've been in high school for two or three years, letting go of summer and going back to school can feel nerve-wracking.

Here are 12 tips we recommend you follow:

  1. Let all distractions go and focus on school.
  2. Don’t make the same mistakes that you made last year. For example, if you were in the midst of some middle school drama, try and stay out of it. If you were class clown, try and take school more seriously.
  3. Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends, and don’t be afraid to make new friends... and let the old frenemies go.
  4. Be on time and be prepared.
  5. Keep a planner so you can write down all of your assignments.
  6. Respect your teachers because you will someday need them for letters of recommendation. That includes asking for help if you need it. Also, see #3 above.
  7. Everyone will be adjusting to lots of new stuff. Fake it until you make it.
  8. Stay out of trouble as much as possible. That means do your work. Also, see #2 above!
  9. Stay on top of your grades because they do matter. But so does your participation.
  10. Make sure all summer work is completed for less stress.
  11. Make sure you study and use your time wisely.
  12. Once you get your work done then you can have fun!

And remember, high school is only a phase everyone has to go through. We all make mistakes—but the good news is, we all recover (eventually)!

Your High School Guides,
Kiara and Dashanjnae